Unity in the Heart of Austin is a loving and accepting spiritual community south of the river in Austin, Texas. We are inclusive and embrace all who come to us. We affirm with open hearts a warm and welcoming environment for individuals of every faith background, race, culture, nationality, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, and ability.


Unity in the Heart of Austin is committed to the full participation of all people in our spiritual community, as well as society at large. We encourage and support one another in our individual spiritual journeys. We are committed to the absolute equality of people in all areas of spiritual life and honor the Christ consciousness within all individuals.


Unity in the Heart of Austin affirms that all faiths are woven from the same thread of Truth, with many unique expressions. We honor, respect and appreciate every one of them. We affirm in the name of the Creator and Source of all, that Unity in the Heart of Austin welcomes fully and completely all who enter.


What's Different About Unity

Unity churches offer practical spiritual teachings that empower people to lead healthy, abundant and meaningful lives. Unity provides an alternative to negative religious experiences. We are inclusive and open-minded. We encourage personal initiative and growth. We believe in making a difference in the world and being a positive example and role model; and we like to have fun while we do it. We like to say Unity practices "practical Christianity".


We strive to help people find a stronger connection to God every day through prayer, meditation, service and community. We assure everyone that God's love is unconditional; and God is always ready to listen and to help you. If you would like to know more, come visit us on Sunday or explore our website for more information about Unity in the Heart of Austin.





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